The Early Poetry of Kwesi Brew: An Evaluation


  • James Persoon Grand State Valley University
  • Kwadwo Opoku-Agyemang



African influence, Kwesi Brew, metaphors, politics and culture, themes


Kwesi Brew (1928-2007) had an illustrious career as a poet, diplomat, and businessman that spanned key periods of Ghana’s history, from its colonial era as the Gold Coast to its maturity as a successful West African democracy.  And yet when he died, none of his four published volumes of poetry were in print, and he existed mainly in a few anthologized poems. Though some of those are well-known, the breadth of his work has almost disappeared from sight. This essay examines Brew’s early development and growth as a poet, including the specifically African influences on his themes and metaphors, and situates him in the politics and culture of his time. This essay is drawn from a larger project that is in process, namely, the creation of an edition of the Selected Poems of Kwesi Brew, to bring more of his work before the public.


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Persoon, J., & Opoku-Agyemang, K. . (2022). The Early Poetry of Kwesi Brew: An Evaluation. KENTE - Cape Coast Journal of Literature and the Arts, 3(1), 40–58.