Welcome to the University of Cape Coast Online Journal System.


  • Abibisem: Journal of African Culture and Civilization

    Abibisem: A Journal of African Culture and Civilization, is a multi-disciplinary, peer reviewed journal, committed to publishing well-researched general or technical articles in any of the fields pertaining to African history, African philosophy, African music, culture and civilization and Africa’s relationship with the wider world. Abibisem was launched in 2008, and is published by the Department of History, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. From 2019, Abibisem will be published twice a year, in June and December.

  • Asεmka: A Bilingual Literary Journal of University of Cape Coast

    Run by the Faculty of Arts and accredited by the University of Cape Coast for university research purposes Asεmka, a bi-lingual literary journal of the University of Cape Coast, is the premier literary journal in Ghana and subscribes to the COPE rules for peer review. Asεmka is an internationally refereed journal of the humanities. It publishes scholarly and imaginative articles in language and culture generally, including orature, film, theatre, music and art; essays, interview, book review poetry, short prose, fiction and drama.

  • African Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management

    AJTHM is a peer-reviewed and open access journal published by the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management of the University of Cape Coast. The journal seeks to;

    • Publish and disseminate widely, research findings relating to the subjects of Tourism and Hospitality management on Africa or the rest of the world.
    • Promote scholarship and research collaboration among tourism and hospitality academics and professionals on the African continent and beyond.
    • Help bridge the gap between industry and academia by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas between the two entities.
    • Provide an international forum for the discussion of a wide range of applied research relating to tourism and hospitality management in Africa and beyond.
  • Ghana Journal of Education: Issues and Practice (GJE)

    The Ghana Journal of Education: Issues and Practice is an official journal of the College of Education Studies, University of Cape Coast. This peer reviewed journal aims to provide a credible platform for educational researchers to share their research and other scholarly works. The Ghana Journal of Education: Issues and Practice is published by College of Education Studies, University of Cape Coast, Ghana, West Africa

  • Drumspeak: International Journal of Research in the Humanities

    DRUMSPEAK accepts manuscripts with contributions solely in the humanities ranging from the arts to languages in the form of research articles, books and films reviews, interviews with distinguished writers, filmmakers and scholars. DRUMSPEAK is committed to only publishing original contributions that have not been published elsewhere. We discourage multiple submissions of the same paper to different publication outlets.

  • Ghana Journal of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sports and Dance (GJOHPERSD)

    GJHPERSD is a peer-reviewed, DOUBLE BLIND, Professional Journal intended to meet the needs of Education, Health, Physical Education, Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Sports Education, Sports Administration, and Sports Kinesiology. The journal publishes research that contributes to the knowledge and development of theory as new information, reviews, substantiation or contradiction of precious findings or as application of new or improved techniques to serve as a forum for socioeconomic, educational and ethical issues.

  • Integrated Health Research Journal

    Integrated Health Research Journal is a multidisciplinary health science journal published by the College of Health and Allied Sciences, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana. It publishes full-length, original research reports, reviews, and preliminary communications or letters to the editor which fall within the general scope of clinical and basic medicine, biomedical sciences and pharmacy.

    The general fields of interest include Infectious Diseases, Immunology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cancer, Human Genetics, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Nutrition and Dietetics, Epidemiological Studies, Biochemistry, Nursing, Neurodegenerative, Cardiac and Infectious Diseases.

    Brief reports of meetings, symposia and conferences will also be considered for publication as well as brief listings of scientific meetings.

  • Journal of Business and Enterprise Development (JOBED)

    The Journal of Business and Enterprise Development (JOBED) is a scholarly Journal which publishes articles, practitioners’ papers and book reviews in the following areas: Accounting, Business Law, Development Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Political Economy, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Public Administration, Small Enterprise Development, Strategic Management, etc. The Editorial Board is receiving articles in the aforementioned areas for publication in the eighth edition.

  • Journal of Educational Development and Practice

    The Journal of Educational Development and Practice (JED-P) is a journal of the Institute of Education, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. The Journal focuses on contemporary issues in educational development in Ghana and other countries, particularly, in the context of a developing world. It also seeks to stimulate extensive dialogue and discussion on educational policy and practice. It equally promotes innovative and creative research-based approaches to solving educational issues. In view of this, articles that feature on the following issues are welcome:

    1. Review of curricula practice.
    2. Evaluation of educational policies and practices.
    3. Evaluation of various educational programmes such as interventions by NGOs and governmental agencies and
    4. Studies examining alternative models of educational delivery.
  • Journal of Counselling, Education and Psychology

    Journal of Counselling, Education and Psychology (JoCEP) is published by the Counselling Centre in the College of Education Studies, University of Cape Coast.  JoCEP uses double-blind peer review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. The journal aims at publishing original empirically based research in the professional areas of Counselling, Education, and Psychology and to ensure the impact of education research are quickly conveyed and disseminated globally to aid in professional growth. JoCEP gives equal opportunity and space to scholars to present scholarly and insightful and innovative research particularly in the areas counselling, education, and psychology.

  • Journal of Educational Management

    Journal of Educational Management (JEM) is a mouthpiece of the Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA), UNESCO Category II Institute, University of Cape Coast, for disseminating research findings pertaining to the leadership, planning, and administration of educational institutions. 


  • Journal of Fisheries and Coastal Management

    JFCoM is a regional multidisciplinary platform that provides critical information to academics, practitioners and policy makers in sub-Saharan Africa on issues relating to fisheries and coastal environment. The journal fills the void in the current literature on African fisheries science, coastal management strategies and policy issues. It is a peer reviewed open access journal with four (4) print issues per year. However, all accepted manuscripts would immediately be available online prior to publication in the next print issue.

  • KENTE - Cape Coast Journal of Literature and the Arts

    Kente: Cape Coast Journal of Literature and the Arts is an international peer-reviewed, open access journal of the Department of English, University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

  • Oguaa Journal of Social Sciences

    The OGUAA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (JOSS) is a publication by the faculty of Social Sciences, University of Cape Coast. The Journal aims to promote a high level of intellectual scholalrship at both individual and collective levels. To this end, JOSS provides space for articles , proceedings of seminars, symposia and workshops, book reviews as well as disucssion od topical issues of national/ international significance. All papers have relevance to the subject matters of the social sciences.

  • Oguaa Journal of Religion and Human Values

    Oguaa Journal of Religion and Human Values (OJORHV) is run by the Department of Religion & Human Values, in the Faculty of Arts in the University of Cape Coast. OJORHV subcribes to the COPE rules of peer review. OJORHV aims at contributing to  the debate on making the study of religion relevant to the social, economic and political needs of society. The journal gives equal opportunity and space to scholars to present scholarly and insightful research particularly in the areas of Religion and Society with emphasis on Ethics, Philosophy, African Tradition Religion, Islam, Christianity and the Bible as well as issues on human valuess systems.

  • The Oguaa Educator

    The OGUAA EDUCATOR is a peer reviewed journal that provides the platform for tutors of Colleges of Eduction, School teachers, headteachers and educational researchers to disseminate their insights into innovative teaching and learning as well as educational leadership practices at the pre-tertiary level. the journal therefore publishes orginal research on innovative and best practices in teaching and learning in all school subejcts as well as school managment and leadership.

  • UCC Law Journal

    The University of Cape Coast (UCC) Law Journal is a biannual peer-reviewed journal entirely dedicated to legal scholarship. The subject fields span all areas of law and other studies with socio-legal implications. The Journal invites submissions from around the world in interdisciplinary, methodological, and theoretical perspectives of law. Manuscripts of sufficient standard will be read independently by the editors and at least two reviewers.